Capitol riot suspect charged with carrying a firearm during January 6 siege

A 56-year-old man was charged with carrying a loaded firearm on the Capitol grounds during the 6 January riot by supporters of then-president Donald Trump in an attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

Mark Mazza of Shelbyville, Indiana said he participated in the “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded the riot and then went to the Capitol, according to court documents first reported on by Politico.

Mr Mazza said in an interview that he reported a gun, a Taurus revolver, as being stolen, therefore allegedly falsifying a report.

Similarly, Mr Mazza said in an interview that he wanted to confront House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and hinted he wanted to attack her, saying he “never did get to Nancy.”

“I thought Nan and I would hit it off,” he said and added: “I was glad I didn’t because you’d be here for another reason and I told my kids that if they show up, I’m surrendering.”

Ms Pelosi was the target of many of the rioters. Richard Barnett was accused of storming her office during the siege and putting his feet up on her desk. Dawn Bancroft of Pennsylvania said she had been looking for the Speaker and planned to “shoot her in the frickin’ brain.” Rep Jamie Raskin, who would serve as the lead impeachment manager during Donald Trump’s trial in the Senate afterward, said there was an “assassination party” looking for Ms Pelosi.

During the impeachment trial, video footage showed rioters yelling “Where are you, Nancy” and “Oh Nancy, we’re looking for you!”

Mr Mazza said he hoped to go down as a hero if that were the case.

“I’m nonviolent, I’m a patriot and it pisses me off to see where we’re at,” he said. “If you you have to come back and take me, put me in a fed … I just want three squares and a nice clean room, someone takes care of my health care and I’m good.”

Video footage showed Mr Mazza holding glass doors open for other protesters while clenching a black baton in his other hand. Footage also showed Mr Mazza pulling people into a tunnel to assist in the assault on police officers.

The court documents said that Mr Mazza lied not only to Shelbyville authorities but also lied to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms when he filed the false stolen firearm report that claimed his gun was stolen in Ohio.

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