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Bryan Kohberger claims media are ‘focusing on his crotch’ as he demands court camera ban

Bryan Kohberger – live: Idaho murders judge warns of coverage spinning ‘out of control’ in court hearing

Bryan Kohberger arrives at court hearing

Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger was back in court on Wednesday as a judge heard arguments on banning cameras from the courtroom in the high-profile trial.

Attorneys for both the defence and the prosecution have asked to restrict cameras as the case of the brutal slayings of four University of Idaho students continues to attract national attention.

The former criminology PhD student was indicted earlier this year in the November 2022 killings of Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, at their off-campus house in Moscow.

In August, Mr Kohberger’s defence team asked Latah County District Judge John Judge to bar cameras from the courtroom, claiming that the media coverage violated his constitutional rights.

Last week, Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson responded to the motion with his own concerns and requested the judge remove cameras “at a minimum” during the “sensitive testimony of a number of young and vulnerable witnesses.”

Meanwhile, the families of Goncalves and Kernodle released a statement saying that they want to keep cameras in the courtroom as they want the “veil of secrecy” to be lifted from the case.


No decision today on cameras in the courtroom

Court was adjourned less than an hour after the hearing began with a decision on cameras in the courtroom.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:56


Judge says the Idaho murders trial is not entertainment, but a tragic issue

Attorney for the media is pushing for the “pool” camera policy – with one camera in Kohberger courtroom, and then video will be given out to all media.

The judge says he questions whether he can really trust the media to do the right thing. And added that it’s not the camera people, but it’s where the video goes and how commentators talk about it or how it’s portrayed on social media.

“It’s not the same media it is now as it was 10 years ago with social media,” he said.

The judge then said he wished everyone had more respect for what is happening and that it’s not entertainment, it is a tragic issue.

The judge said other trials with cameras have “gotten out of control.”

“They spun out of control in my opinion,” he said.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:54


Prosecution in Kohberger case want cameras removed during certain testimony

The prosecution told the judge the media plays an important role in the court process.

But said they’d want to protect vulnerable witnesses who testified and graphic evidence that is shown during the trial.

They say the safest and best way to address concerns is to prohibit cameras in the courtroom, or to keep cameras out during certain testimony/evidence.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:45


Judge mentions OJ Simpson case, says it was a ‘circus’ as he questions cameras in the courtroom

The judge told the court that he questions whether cameras in the courtroom are a dignified way to have a trial. He brings up OJ Simpson.

“If anyone watched that case, it was a circus,” he said.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:42


Social media users take images from the media and manipulate them, defence says

The defence told the judge that while they know the media is doing their job, there are people on social media who take the images or video and manipulate them.

There is also concern about the placement of the cameras in the courtroom.

The defence said they do not like where the cameras are placed and said if the cameras are not removed, then they should be in a different location.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:31


Kohberger defence concerned cameras in the courtroom will turn case into a spectacle

Defence attorneys for Kohberger said at his hearing that they are concerned that allowing cameras in the courtroom would turn the proceedings into a spectacle – a TV drama.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:27


Judge says media cannot be ‘intervenors’ at this point in Kohberger proceedings

Judge John Judge says the media cannot be “intervenors” at this point in the Kohberger proceedings when it comes to the question of cameras in the courtroom.

But says he will consider the media’s argument.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:20


Media attorney argues the people have a right to see what is happening inside courtroom during Kohberger proceedings

The hearing on Wednesday began with the Judge questioning whether the media has the right to intervene about the camera issue at this point in the Kohberger case, according to NewsNations reporter Brian Entin who is at the hearing in Latah County.

One of the attorneys representing the media coalition fired back that the media does have the right to intervene when the First Amendment and “access” issues come up.

The attorney said this is an “access” issue, and that people have the right to see what is happening in the Kohberger courtroom. She added that people should not have to travel to the Idaho courtroom to see what is happening inside.

The attorney also said there is an increasing need for people to see for themselves what is going on inside courtrooms in this country.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:13


Happening now: Judge in Bryan Kohberger’s case hears arguments on motion to ban cameras from the courtroom

Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger is back in court where a judge is hearing arguments on a motion to ban cameras from the courtroom in the high-profile trial.

Those in attendance at the hearing in Latah County is the prosecution, the defence and the attorney representing a media coalition, according to local reporters seated in the courtroom,

Attorneys for both the defence and the prosecution have asked to restrict cameras as the case.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 22:02


Bryan Kohberger claims media are ‘focusing on his crotch’

Bryan Kohberger is about to appear in court in Latah County today in an effort to ban cameras from his high-profile trial after bizarrely claiming that the media is honing in on his crotch.

The hearing is set for 2pm local time (5pm Eastern Time).

On 24 August, Mr Kohberger’s attorney Anne Taylor argued that past footage from his court appearances had focused heavily on his crotch.

“Mr. Kohberger is entitled to defend himself against capital criminal charges without cameras focused on his fly,” his attorney wrote, adding that the media had been previously warned not to focus solely on Mr Kohberger but  “failed” to comply.

A group of media outlets have pushed back on the defence’s request motion, asking the judge to allow cameras to remain. They argued that no photographic or film coverage had focused on his fly.

“Although Mr. Kohberger argues that he is ‘entitled to defend himself against capital charges without cameras focused on his fly,’ that assertion misstates the role that courtroom camera coverage played in the X social media post that appears at page 3 of his motion. No photographs or camera coverage focused on Mr. Kohberger’s ‘fly,’” it states.

Andrea Cavallier13 September 2023 21:30

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