Biden news live: Latest Trump impeachment and Covid relief updates

Biden news live: Latest Trump impeachment and Covid relief updates

Biden news live: Latest Trump impeachment and Covid relief updates

Biden news live: Latest Trump impeachment and Covid relief updates

Biden visits wounded soldiers at military medical centre

President Joe Biden is reportedly urging his Democratic colleagues to keep Donald Trump‘s impeachment trial short so it will not overshadow his early agenda.

The new commander-in-chief avoided publicly backing calls for his predecessor’s second impeachment but has not spoken out against lawmakers pursuing a conviction.

It is understood Mr Biden will seek to distance himself from the trial when it begins early next month.  

It comes amid reports that the Republican anti-Trump group, The Lincoln Project, is set to sue the ex-president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Steve Schmidt, one of the group’s founders, said it may issue legal proceedings against Mr Giuliani for libel. It relates to comments Mr Giuliani made suggesting the Lincoln Project was somehow involved in the Capitol riot earlier this month that left five dead.

Mr Schmidtt told MSNBC on Saturday morning: “It is very difficult to sue somebody for defamation or libel in the United States, but our lawyers are telling us that Rudy is well across the line so we’re thrilled about this.”

Meanwhile, the president is urging Congress to “act now” on his $1.9tn Covid-19 relief proposal, saying there is an “overwhelming” consensus among economists that a stimulus package is needed to help Americans hardest hit by the pandemic.

Mr Biden said Democrat lawmakers must take action with or without cooperation from their Republican colleagues, adding that the cost of inaction in this “unique moment” is “high”.


‘Please grow a pair’

Majorie Taylor Greene responds to Mitt Romney’s tweet calling lies nonsense and comparing them to the “big lie” of the stolen election.

Ms Greene refers to the baseless allegations of electoral fraud as “the people’s number one concern”.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 21:26


Yellen speaks with Canadian counterpart

Treasury secretary Janet Yellen spoke with Canadian deputy prime minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland, reaffirming friendship between the two nations and discussing areas in which they can collaborate.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 21:08


Pentagon pausing plan to vaccinate Guantanamo detainees

The Department of Defense has paused a plan to vaccinate Guantanamo detainees saying that it will review force protection protocols.

Detainees were to offered the Covid-19 vaccine as early as next week.

A spokesperson had earlier said: 

“We comply with applicable US law and policies for medical care of detainees which will continue to be guided by the same medical professional judgements and standards as those applied to the US Armed Forces stationed at Guantanamo.  The DoD authorised US Southern Command and Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay to offer and administer vaccines to detainees and prisoners under their care.  Covid-19 vaccinations will be offered to all detainees and prisoners.  It will be administered on a voluntary basis and  in accordance with the Department’s priority distribution plan.”

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 20:49


Lincoln Project says it will sue Rudy Giuliani over Capitol riot claims

Following comments by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt says the group will take legal action against both him and his client, Donald Trump.

In an appearance on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast on Friday, Mr Giuliani accused the anti-Trump former Republican of being playing a role in the organisation of the storming of the US Capitol by pro-Trump rioters.

Mr Schmidt told MSNBC host Ali Velshi that he was “thrilled” at the prospect of suing Mr Giuliani, Mr Trump, and Mr Bannon for defamation.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 20:30


‘Rep. Greene: Resign’ billboard goes up in Georgia

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 20:11


White House releases official portrait of first lady

Jill Biden’s updated bio reads: 

As First Lady, Dr Biden continues her work for education, military families, and fighting cancer. She is a professor of writing at Northern Virginia Community College.

Dr. Jill Biden: First Lady

First Lady Jill Biden: community college educator, military mother & grandmother, and wife of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 19:53


Romney hits out at Majorie Taylor Greene

“Lies of a feather flock together”

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 19:34


South Carolina GOP censures congressman for impeachment vote

South Carolina Republicans on Saturday issued a formal censure to Representative Tom Rice to show disapproval over his vote in support of the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump

Rice was among 10 GOP representatives who joined Democrats on 13 January in voting to impeach Trump for his role in the violence a week earlier at the US Capitol. A Senate trial is expected in February.

A day after his vote, Rice — who represents South Carolina’s 7th District, an area that voted heavily for Trump — told The Associated Press “it hurts my heart” to have gone against the president, but he decided to back impeachment after seeing what he characterized as Trump’s inaction during the Capitol Hill riot.

State party-level censures aren’t common in South Carolina. The GOP in 2009 issued one to then-Gov. Mark Sanford after he fled the state for five days to visit a lover in Argentina. In 2009 and 2010, several county-level Republican parties censured US Senator Lindsey Graham for his willingness to work on bipartisan deals, with one county deriding Graham’s “condescending attitude” to the party’s grassroots organizers.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 19:15


Biden want Trump impeachment kept short

US president Joe Biden wants the Senate’s second impeachment trial of Donald Trump to be short so that it avoids derailing his agenda, according to a report.

A Biden administration ally told The Hill that the US president would allow the impeachment trial to “play out,” and hope the process is short, in remarks that were published on Saturday.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 18:56


Hillary Clinton back Tim Ryan for Ohio Senate seat

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has joined calls for Ohio congressman Tim Ryan to run for the state’s soon to be vacant senate seat.

The former senator and first lady tweeted her approval of Mr Ryan pursuing Senator Rob Portman’s seat when it becomes available shortly after the Ohio Democrat said he was looking closely at the running on MSNBC.

Oliver O’Connell30 January 2021 18:37

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