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Patrick Nevin pleaded guilty to the rape of a woman in Co Meath, and the sexual assault of a woman. Photo: Collins Courts

Women can sleep better with sexual predator Nevin off the streets – and social media dating sites

Patrick Nevin pleaded guilty to the rape of a woman in Co Meath, and the sexual assault of a woman. Photo: Collins Courts

Detectives who questioned sexual predator Patrick Nevin about the rape of one woman and sexual assault of two others, all within 11 days, say he was “a grand lad to deal with”.

That may have been so, but grand is not a word that could be used to describe his attitude or behaviour towards his victims, all of whom he met on Tinder.

Piggish would better describe the way he treated them. Or derogatory. Abusive. Criminal.

In each sexual attack, former UCD student Nevin used the same modus operandi. He met the women on the dating app Tinder, and after communicating with them online, he arranged to meet. He picked the women up in his car on a date and attacked them after driving them to a secluded spot.

On Tuesday, Nevin admitted before the Central Criminal Court to the rape of a woman in Bellewstown, Co Meath, on July 12, 2014.

He entered the plea at the 11th hour after a jury had been sworn in. His change of plea followed a significant legal ruling after Judge Eileen Creedon decided details of his other offences could be made known to the jury.

Nevin further admitted to sexually assaulting a woman at a location in Co Meath on July 16, 2014.

Following his guilty pleas, Nevin can be identified as the man found guilty before the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court last November of sexually assaulting a Brazilian student at UCD at Belfield on July 23, 2014.

During the trial, the woman said Nevin touched her thighs, forced her to kiss him, hit her on her head, called her a “f**king b*tch” and pulled her dress and exposed her breast.

Soon after, Nevin turned to his lawyers and said: “I don’t accept that verdict.”

Indeed, Nevin seems to think he’s done nothing wrong.

The 36-year-old had claimed the woman “freaked out” and “started crying” when he tried to kiss her.

He told gardaí he believed they were “hooking up” but she said she never told him she wanted to meet up for sex.

Pervading over all this has been the, frankly ugly, insinuation that the women were on Tinder or were looking to hook up, so what did they expect?

Any suggestion being on Tinder or any other dating app is de facto “consent” for sexual relations is wrong and deeply worrying.

Nevin tried to paint the sexual assault to gardaí as nothing more than a hysterical woman over-reacting when he innocently tried to kiss her.

The suggestion was that she should have known he’d try it on with her. After all, he is posing shirtless in his Tinder profile picture.

“He’s basically saying look at me, want to meet up for sex,” defence lawyer Paul Flannery SC told the jury.

Nevin’s interviews with gardaí are also interesting – not least because we are afforded a fascinating view of his mindset.

Nevin thought his advances would have been welcome. He said he believed they were probably meeting for sex because he had told her on Tinder he was a porn star.

Nevin told gardaí this was obviously banter, but he told her he would like her to star in a porn film with him, and claimed she told him “that interests me very much”.

At first glance, Nevin may appear to be a ‘good catch’, an old-fashioned term used to describe an eligible bachelor.

He’s college educated and had a good job at the time of these offences.

He likes his tattoos, and is into fitness, as evidenced by his many topless Tinder snaps.

But he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There are disturbing aspects from his past, which suggest that he has difficulty taking no for an answer from a woman.

Nevin has a previous conviction for rape from Denmark. He was a minor in 1999 when he was convicted of rape and aggravated rape.

In 2001, he was jailed for seven years after he killed his then-girlfriend’s two dogs with a bannister rail and threatened to kill her.

Make no mistake, Nevin is a troubled man. He is a dangerous man.

Women of Ireland will sleep better knowing that he’s off the streets and off social media sites.

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