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Cluster of bed bugs (Stock photo) Photo credit: Rentokill Ireland

‘Holiday from hell’ – tourists horrified after discovering bed bugs in Dublin hotel room

Cluster of bed bugs (Stock photo) Photo credit: Rentokill Ireland

Tourists who spent a month-long holiday in a Dublin hotel were left horrified after discovering bed bugs in their room.

The Finnish couple, who did not want to be identified, were on their seventh holiday to Dublin in the last ten years and were staying at their regular hotel of choice, the Celtic Lodge on Talbot Street.

After waking up with bites and rashes they soon discovered bed bugs crawling on the mattress and what was expected to be an enjoyable trip turned into a horrible nightmare.

“I was with my partner for the seventh time we were in Dublin and it was our sixth time in Celtic Lodge. We had been going there since 2008… we thought we would stay there again because the staff is very friendly,” said the tourist.

“I noticed something on my arms and my body but thought it was just an allergy.  Then we saw insects moving and we thought they might have come from outside,” she said.

“We didn’t say anything first and we didn’t check on the internet… we finally understood that it must be bed bugs. We turned the mattress upside down and we saw there was something moving on the bedclothes.”

The tourists had specifically asked for the room on the first floor prior to arrival as they preferred the layout of it in previous trips.

When they informed the hotel of the infestation they were moved from the room and exterminators were called. A day later they moved back after it was sprayed but were met with the same issue.

“When we saw they were moving underneath we said we can’t stay there. They sent us to another room with our things and then they sprayed our luggage too in that room.”

Describing the annoying pests she said “they are brown and round and when they draw blood they are black so if you crush them you see the blood.

“I said there is some kind of infestation that is very bad. We read that it takes weeks to get rid of them then. I said please don’t put anyone there.

“Then we saw there was a lovely family with a toddler at reception one day and the father was saying the word ‘bedbugs’. They said it was their wedding anniversary and they left in the middle of their holiday because they were so disappointed.”

In total the Finnish couple said they moved rooms three times by the time they left Dublin, describing their holiday as hell as a result.

“It’s like a holiday from hell, otherwise it was lovely but it was like a big cloud hanging over us. We were always checking to see if we had any bites every morning.”

The hotel said it had refunded the guest for the nights they spent in the affected room.

A manager at the hotel said this was an isolated incident and confirmed they had been made aware of the issue.

“The whole room was gutted and refurbished, fixtures were removed and they [pest control] went in and treated the room,” he said after a number of call outs from a pest control company.

Bedbugs in Dublin accommodation has become a major concern for travellers as callouts to pest control companies have increased by more than half.

Bites from the bedroom pests lead to sore and itchy bite marks and can cause major distress for travellers.

Instances of bed bug infestations has increased by 57pc this year between May and July compared to the same period last year according to data from pest control agency Rentokil.

These figures have increased year on year with data collected from 2017 showing an increase of 80% from the previous year.

Infestations of bedbugs can be difficult to treat and the hotel said it took several callouts to rid the room of the pests before deciding to rip all the furniture out completely.



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